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This dissertation presents the proposal
of a museum to map sensory experiences
within a CBD where a sensory
anthropology can be observed. This
research project focuses on a sensory
experience which provides a place of
reflection and relief within the city and
explores how the phenomenology of
architecture can be preserved. The
envisaged site is the existing ruin of the
Capitol Theatre which is located on the
immediate south western periphery of
Church Square.


Thesis Dissertation




Dystopian future

Mankind is forever trying to transcend
in their technological society
and this has resulted in a paradox of
disassociation with the world
as they
have become static observers. This
dissertation envisions a restored balance
between mankind and technology
reinstating man as an active sensory
being. A conscious recognition of the built
environment and the surrounds needs to
be attained in order for mankind to be an
active participant. This might be achieved
through an architectural response of
a sensory journey through a labyrinth
of spaces which will actively re-insert
mankind as multi- sensory beings
Matters that will be discussed are:
• The phenomenology of
spatial perception;
• the metaphysical and
emotive challenges of place
• polemics of the hegemony
of vision; and
• the senses in architecture.

This dissertation developed from a
realisation that the sensual nature of
touching, feeling, hearing, smelling
and seeing the world in equal measure
is appreciated by few. We live in a
technological society of globalisation,
where everything must be done quicker;
a society with modernist views and glass
architecture of which everything seems to
be a seamless and cold, visual architecture
that is not meant to be touched. We no
longer interact with people face to face
but rather fully immersed in a cyber world
where our consciousness is extended
This dissertation is based on the thoughts
of what would happen to our future if this
kind of lifestyle were to persist. A specific
time is not specified as this dissertation
could be implemented within the present
or an extreme future scenario. It is
essentially an abstract idea and should
be perceived as such. Most concepts
discussed could be metaphorical but
for the purpose of this thesis ideas have
been concretised as much as possible.

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