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Select the service you might need to see what we could possibly provide you with. If you need something that lies somewhere in between, no problem.


We are an evolving multi-disciplinary design studio. Our services lie in design, within the fields of product design, multi-media design, interior architecture, architecture and virtual architecture.


We at REMEYSK have a creality (creative reality) outlook on the world.

This is the idea of; If we can dream something & conceptualise, we can realise it into creation. Once we can realise, we can share, when we share, we connect, while we connect, we evolve.

We connect by means of visualising these ideas and refining them with the help of sketching, 3D modelling, visualisations and then finally technical drawings which aid in production, be that by hand or through computer aided manufacture (CAM software).

Do you care to dream together?

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