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Home in Haarlem

Interior &  Furniture Design


Holiday Home / Tiny house

Development Sketches


This was a studio created in an Architect's home.

The space has a split level. The upper level was darker than the main entrance into the space from the rest of the home. This more intimate upper level space was allocated for rest, the bedroom.

The lower level was a triple volume space with

light spilling in from a side sky light.  

This level was perfect for the placement of the design space. The table acts as a centre piece with a three meter tall bookshelf that spans the full length of the back wall. 

The table also incorporated a custom light-box mounted on a mechanical hinge to tilt it more or less for user comfort when sketching.

The space is flanked by two oversized steel sliding doors to cover up side spaces, this  creates a sheltered feeling to ensure non- interrupted and flowing design time. 


Space planning with custom furniture fit for a specific space and purpose


Offices, residential, showrooms

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