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to inspire, to delight, to push boundaries, to excite...


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REMEYSK is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in the region of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


REMEYSK is a dynamic design duo | husband and wife team; Reece & Skye Meyer. They enjoy collaborating in the full design process of creating products (digital and physical), exploiting a wide range of multi-media capabilities.


We design for beauty and practicality with a focus on sustainability. Our design style is true and tactile.

We are designers, visualisers, draughtsmen,  planners & graphic artists.


REMEYSK offers a full service approach for concept planning, visualisation, product development & multi-media design.


Spearheaded by Reece Meyer, a modern day renaissance man.

Initially he started out as a multi-media designer. The love of these versatile multi-mediums derived from the creative family he grew up in, they inspired him, and gave him the capability to be fluid between industries on various design briefs. Reece's father and mother being fashion designers and dress makers, allowed him to think creatively, flexing & moulding any creative idea and sewing them together to create his own reality as he see's it. Reece's grandfather was an industrial mechanic, a wizard of all things mechanical and a stickler for the technical details. The knowledge he passed on gave Reece the understanding of how things worked, the function they were build for, and how they are all connected with one another.

This love for not only the design but actually making the design come to life, tackling any challenge with vigour was instilled in him from a young age.


Reece started out in the digital media design world opening his own quite humble little graphics company back in 2009. Later he found not only the designing but also physically creating, working with his hands in the manufacture of furniture equally rewarding. He delved into the furniture and product design industry for 10 years and now aspires to extend his repertoire to other industries including but not limited to interiors, architecture and fashion. Some might ask why such a broad range of industries? Remeysk asks the question...
"Well, why not? If we can idealise, it need not exist only in our minds."

With this technical & practical know how, he applies this to his own concepts or when collaborating with others to deliver a product which can truly work and be made into a reality.

Reece is a creative who believes in creating pieces that inspire, delight and pushes the boundary of what was thought possible. These objects should be designed specifically for the people that will use them, on all the various scales and moments of interaction. Reece wants to get to know all his clients wishes, the real wishes, what really makes them happy and together create these lasting moments of delight.

Our clients have included corporate companies, residential homes & retail franchises. Experience in spatial planning, the design of the space as well as the pieces that enrich it.

We are creative makers and are not scared to tackle any idea.

Let us collaborate on your dream?

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